Mud Loving

IMG_0975 An unexpected joy of driving off the grid is finding, aiming for and plowing through mud puddles. I’m beginning to approach each mud puddle on the road as spatters of paint with the Land Rover becoming the canvas. I select the puddle based upon mud composition, liquidity and overall possible contrast to the exterior paint. If I’m lucky enough to find two or more puddles on a trip – then it becomes a strategic layering effect. Last week there was an pond of mud that I backed up and shot through with white knuckle accuracy and both eyes firmly closed. Once on terra firma, I jumped out to take a look and it was the best so far. This photo is not of the epic mud, sadly because just like the illusive ‘fish that got away’ a rain storm that rolled in on our way home washed away all the evidence. No amount of rain can stop me from telling a tall tale about it though.




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