To Infinity And Beyond!

Mars Lander Video  Quoted from Buzz Lightyear himself has not been a truer statement. This Mars lander has been hurling toward Mars since Thanksgiving of 2011 and is set to perform one of NASA’s most challenging choreographed dances yet. The Mars Science Lab mission sent Curiosity to Mars to look around for evidence if the planet ever was, or is, habitable to life in its most microbial form.

But WHAT it does is not as nearly “gee-wiz” as HOW it will land. Click the video link above to see the most improbable way to get from Point A to Point B you’ve ever seen! The sequence includes a giant parachute, a bungee-like apparatus and a room full of finger crossing innovated scientists.

NASA has always fascinated me and this mission is no exception. Follow the missions nail biting landing on August 5th at NASA’s web site. You’ll also find tons of info about the mission. Like the fact that they were able to re-charge Curiosity’s batteries while hurling through space. Think NASA is not relevant to everyday life? With this kind of technology – can re-charging my phone battery while driving to work be far behind?


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