Bollywood Part II

I’m coming to the Bollywood party late but I’m staying here for a long time. I saw Cocktail and my appetite for all things Indian has grown even more! Move over Hollywood, you’ve been outsourced. Cocktail has complex characters, compelling dialog, a solid storyline with enough tricky situations to really appreciate the actors ability to make you fall in love with them. They are faced with life decisions and how they answer them only serves to broaden their depth. Sure it dips into the silly pool at times, but it is a refreshing plunge. I am a ferocious movie lover and I broke up with Hollywood the day I saw Syriana with George Clooney. People drifting in and out, no explanation for their behavior, no reason for me to care when they are faced with a decision – basically no development of why I should invest time or money into the storyline. Don’t even get me started on the dialog. So I migrated over to independent films and have been happy with the trip. Not all of them have been stellar – but all of them have been miles ahead of anything Hollywood has churned out in the last decade. And now I’ve fallen in love with Bollywood. Any of it, all of it. Bring it.


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