Hands down Amedeo Modigliani is one of my most favorite artists. His haunting faces are impossible to get out of your head. While born in Italy, he worked for the most part in France. Mostly a painter, he also was a sculpture later in life. His contemporaries were Toulose-Lautrec and Cezanne to mention a few and apparently there was some beef he had with Picasso which I’m guessing ‘beefs’ with Picasso might have been more frequent than we are first led to believe. I tried to watch the Modigliani movie with Andy Garcia and returned the movie in the middle. You know how when you read a book and then see a movie about the book and the casting is not the same as who you cast in your head? That’s what watching this movie was like. This happened when I finished “The Hotel New Hampshire” by Jonathan Irving and ran out to a video store (when you could still run out to them), rented the movie, sat down to watch it and hated who they had cast for… well everyone. Back the movie went. Anyway, the movie Modigliani was the same way. Google Modigliani and click on ‘images only’ and you’ll see how haunting this art can be.


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