Sushi Roll #17 – Shiso Pretty

Back to my quest to have every sushi on a menu of 100 Rolls from Banzai Sushi! Tonight the selection was Shiso Pretty (front). A hilarious play on words by the couple who came up with this wonderful combination. The couple who orchestrated this roll are true ‘foodies’ in the best sense of the word. They suggested to combine the musky, slightly sweeter than basil delicate shiso leaf with the snap of crunchy tempura, tuna and the kick of spicy tuna inside. To top it all, they had the brilliant notion to splash it all wit eel sauce. Genius! The gentle reader of this blog will recognize that I almost always proclaim, “This is my favorite!” Don’t believe a word of it. None of them are as good as this one. Seriously, this one is my favorite! I have it most every week I am at Banzai Sushi. Sometimes I ask to have it prepared as a hand roll. Then THAT is my most favorite! The sushi in the back is the 3M roll. See posts elsewhere in this blog for that sushi roll.

Shiso Pretty


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