Men Who Quilt

On an outing to Golden, Colorado to the Quilt Museum, the featured exhibit was entirely made up of quilts designed and made by men. We’ve seen this show once before and were so amazed by the chosen subject matter, the rich deep colors and the insane attention to detail. Can these be the same men we know, who can not / will not ask for directions? This exhibit is grand! Smaller in number of quilts but no less interesting. The men are from all over the US. As we entered the museum with the quilts we were followed by an over zealous museum docent determined to regale us with the most ridiculous of ‘fun facts’ associated with each piece. “…if you look closely you will see the stitches spell out Chevrolet”. We would have none of this. When my girlfriend and I devour anything at any gallery, museum or event – we divide and weave a choreography of movement around a room. We each see something very different. Many times we wonder if we’ve been to the same exhibit. Occasionally we collide in the middle for a few brief comments. No beginning, no end. It’s a dance. We’ve become experts as shaking docents. They have no power against our pre-determined movements. Then we meet in the middle, cross our arms and swivel around to recap in our minds our determinations. Without much conversation one of us queries, “which one?”. Always the same sequence, which is our favorite, then which would we buy… and why. No docent with all their prepared scripts could keep up with this banter. Then – like experts never called in for an opinion we are on to our next assignment. Quickly, quietly ready for the next dance.  (We are not the two women in the photo. They became the ones less able to escape the drone of the docent.)



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