Hey did I leave my toy in there?

While inside the Denver Auto Show, I snapped this photo of the Blue Bear outside the Denver Convention Center. Yes! He is as big as you think he is. He is peering into the convention center from outside. Actually the best way to see him is right at dusk when the convention center lights are on and he looks like like a bear from Jellystone Park looking for a ‘pic-a-nic’ basket. This is my favorite city art of any city I’ve lived! When I pay my city/state taxes – this is where my money goes. He is adorable!!!

The Denver Auto Show is one event in town worthy of attending at least once every other year. A lot can be learned about these shows that has nothing to do with cars. For starters by going every other year we could see trends more clear. What auto maker has garnered how much space becomes the first topic of conversation. As an example the Smart Car two years ago was a single car outside the exhibit hall viewable as you entered the massive room of huge, powerful autos. It was more of a novelty, like a side show. Cute, small and hardly practical for any family weened on nothing smaller than a V8. This year the real estate for the Smart Car had moved smack dab in the middle of the room and there were several models. People are now taking this alternative seriously. Our observation was that at their price point /per miles per gallon were almost at the price point/miles per gallon of a Honda Civic or Corolla. For a couple of bucks more – get a trunk for Gauds sake! The other observation has to be how the American Auto makers are BACK! I’m not a huge fan of American autos but by all appearances Detroit is living up to the music pounding Eminen ads.


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